Be bold and unique with Our beautiful Rounder tassel towels!
Spirited and chic, our rounder towel adds just the right amount of essence to your personal style both in and outside the home. 
"I am in love with my new Rounder! I have had my eye on getting one of these for awhile but all of the ones I have come across are either over $100 or really bad quality.

These towels look expensive and the quality is great. Very bold and rich colors and I love the tassel detail! I bought this to use at the beach, picnics etc but its so pretty I want to use it in my home!
Great buy! I can't wait to see what new prints become available and grab those too!"
- Amy Swansen
Introducing the Tan Your Tush: Soft and Luxurious Rounder Tassel Towel!
Stylish and timeless, this towel is the perfect accessory to add a little flare to your personal style!
Perfect at the Beach.
Perfect Around the Home.
Perfect for a Picnic.
5 Reasons to Choose Our Tan Your Tush Rounder Tassel Towel
  •  This Towel Looks Expensive! The quality in our towels exceeds the competitors at a much more affordable price.  
  •  Our towel is not a one trick pony! Its perfect to use at the beach, park, poolside, cuddled up by a camp fire, as a photo shoot prop, as a bath towel or even as a decor piece in your home! The list goes on and on! 
  •  Though it is large enough to fit two, it transports easily in your tote or backpack without weighing it down.
  •  Our Spirited and chic design allows you to add just the right amount of essence to your own personal style.
  •  While our Rounder is a unique accessory, its neutral design makes it very versatile and accents your daily outings or home perfectly.  
Rounder Tassel Towel Features
  • Classic and Versatile Navy and White Pattern
  • Machine Washable & Durable
  • Unique Tassel Detail 
  • Transports Easily In Your Tote or Backpack 
  • 1500mm In Diameter (60 inches)
Frequently Asked Questions
What version of Lightroom do I need?
Lightroom 4 and newer
Do I need a special software to use these brush presets?
Yes - you need to have Adobe Lightroom to use these presets
I don't have Lightroom yet but plan to get it soon - can I buy now to not miss this deal and then upload later?
Yes!  You'll get a download link, just download to computer and then import whenever you get Lightroom.
How do I install these?
On the download page there is are installation instructions, installing them is easy as long as you follow the instructions :)
How are these presets different than your other presets?
These are "adjustment brush presets" which are entirely different.  These are the perfect compliment to my other preset collections.  My other presets collections like the "Crisp & Clean Presets Collection" is perfect for fast & easy quick edits to the entire photo and then these help you make final retouches and "polish" the photo up!
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